Best Free DJ Software In 2020 [Free and Online DJ]


Software for DJ is one of the most premium tools in the market. Most people who want to learn the art of djing always get discouraged by the price of the best DJ software in the market. There are many DJing software out there with so many features which might confuse the user. we always review some of the most important software that help user. We know how hard it is to learn Djing and that’s why we have included only the best and free DJ software on the internet. For them, we have found some of the most useful and best free DJ software of 2020.

Best Free DJ Software 2020

#1 Serato DJ Lite


Serato Dj lite which was formerly known as Serato Dj intro is one of the best free DJ software on the internet. There are many free DJing software out there, but we recommend this for the beginner as well. This DJ software is compatible with Mac and Windows, which means it could work on any platform. This Djing software is free to download for anyone and contains some of the best tools in the market. This Free Dj Software has a 2-deck player with onscreen crossfader, Access to Cues and Loops, and Sync with onscreen pitch slider/BPM adjust. This is one of the best DJ software for free for students, learners, and beginners to understand the whole Djing software concept. there are many DAWs software in the market which helps with any DJ software.

This software for Dj has one of the easiest and interactive UI. with Serato Dj lite, you will have access to crates and the whole iTunes library. Because of its high definition UI, it can work on 4K, UHD, and more. Serato DJ Lite works well for better performance and its free DJ program, so the cherry on the top. 



#2 Mixxx – Free DJ Mixing Software App


Mixxx is known for its features and also because it’s one of the best free DJ software apps in the market. Mixxx Free DJ software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux which means it’s easy to install on any platform. This DJ software is open-source software and encourages newbies and beginners to learn the djing skills on this free DJ program. There are many great features that are available on this top Dj software such as Four decks, beats rolls and censors, beat looping, quantization and EQ, and crossfader control. There is no limit to what a user can accomplish with this djing software. 

Mixxx Free Dj mixing software has Customizable DJ Hardware Support. It has Midi and HID controller support, a programmable mapping engine, and free timecode vinyl control. This free DJ software also has crates and playlist, iTunes and Tracktor integration, and auto Dj as well. This could be one of the best free music mixing software.


#3 Virtual DJ Home


This version of Virtual DJ is free for home usage only. Users can download a free virtual DJ mixer and hone their skills with all the latest features of Djing Software. It has a multideck system stand-alone DJ mixer.  This free DJ software also supports more than 300+ controllers and is easy to use with plug and play devices. The Auto Signal calibration in this Free Djay Software makes it possible to work with any type of vinyl and for virtual experience to provide accurate vinyl feel. Don’t know how to mix songs in Virtual DJ, no need to worry because the user can find live suggestions from the best DJs around the world. Virtual DJ 2020 for home is one of the best free Dj software in the market.

This free Djing software also has real-time separation which allows users to seamlessly control every system. Powerful video mixing tool which can be used with full-HD and 4K support, intelligent Automix that automatically chooses the next song based on its structure and beat. There are many new features available in the Virtual Dj 2020 home edition and its free for personal use only. 


#4 Mixvibes Cross Dj Free


Cross Dj is one of the well-known software as it has a free Dj program for home accessible for everyone. This software for DJs has some of the most features which are not even on other platforms. It was praised by some of the best reviewers and DJs and works well with both Windows and Mac. This free DJ software has two decks, Sync for automatic beat matching, 8 hot cues/loops per track, an advanced beat grid editor, and more tools in it. Cross DJ also has iTunes integration, Sync BPM/Key, Waterfall search, and 3 modes available for track match, auto, history, and manual. That’s why it’s one of the best free Dj software of 2020.


There are other features available too such as

  • The built-in key detection engine
  • Dynamic key control and display 
  • High-quality Keylock
  • Pitch fader and pitch bend 
  • Autoplay
  • Compatible audio formats: MP3, M4A, MAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, AAC, 64-bit version
  • Advanced media management
  • Share it on Mixcloud, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Dailymotion.

#5 UltraMixer


UltraMixer is also one of the software for DJs that provides a trial version for personal usage. They have three versions for the user to select home, basic, and Pro Entertain. Users can select any of the versions and download the free Dj software, they need to restart it every hour to keep running it. This free DJing software has 4 deck performance, New Video Engine, 40 Visualization effects, Karaoke Mode, and more. Ultramix provides total control over the Djing software and allows the user to learn as well as create totally cool beats. Even with the trial version, it’s one of the best Free DJ software in this list. 


#6 Zulu DJ Software


Zulu Dj Software is one of the unknown but highly recommended free Djing software. Zulu has Real-time automatic BPM detection and easy user interface which is easy to learn for new users and helpful as well. User can Easily crossfade between tracks and Real-time pitch and tempo adjustment

Which takes the load off and helps them create better tunes. This software for DJs also has autoplay features that allow users to play the music continually without even touching the control. Beat synchronization between the decks and Safe live mode prevents accidents for flawless shows which is a useful tool in any Djing software. One of the main issues with this free Djay Software is the trial version, which expires after 14 days, but users can still find some useful features on the free DJ program which they can still use afterward. That’s why we have included Zulu in our list of best free DJ software.


#7 KraMixer DJ Software


KraMixer is an old school version of Djing Software which is still in use. It has all the latest features which come in handy for any newbies who want to learn software for DJs. Users who are looking for DJ software free download the full version, this one is not that bad. It has an FMOD sound engine which is used by most DJ software in the market and it’s a cutting edge DJ tool. This free Dj software for windows also has automatic BPM which provides better performance and beats. As we mentioned, this DJ software for pc is only available for Windows users and there aren’t many links out there as well. Make sure to check for any malware or virus in the DJ software package and then install it. Apart from that, it’s a totally cool and best free DJ software for beginners.


#8 DJ Mix Lite


DJ Mix Lite is a Lite version of the DJ software which allows users to do many things and provide a chance to learn more about DJing. DJ Mix Lite doesn’t look much and has a simple UI which operates by BMP but it’s one of the best free DJ software in the market. Users need to provide the songs and create a playlist and this Djing software can sort it out based on the BMP. Also they can do lots of stuff that is available in this software of DJs which are pretty basic, but it provides practice and experience which is valuable.


#9 DJ Prodecks


This is a professional DJ mixer which also available in the free version. There are so many features included in this DJ software that could provide a better experience to the new user. Such as recording features, new automix with shuffle and multiuse, complete mixer with crossfade between two tracks, and automatic synchronization between the decks based on bpm. There are tons of options for customization and that’s what makes it one of the best free DJ software of 2020.


#10 You.DJ


Yes, you saw correctly, it’s a website and not a DJ software. This is a free DJ software online for people who want to learn but don’t know much about it to try on software. Once a user visits the website of this DJ mixer online, they can find the full DJing Software integration and with a great user interface. There are two decks, a preloaded cloud-based playlist, a BPM equalizer, and many tools. This DJ mixer online has awesome features and also a background video to set the party mood. Now anyone can become a DJ without knowing much and create awesome beats for the party. That’s why its the best free Dj software, without even being a software.


#11 Party Cloud


Party Cloud is another DJ mixer online which allows users to become DJ and rock the party. Party Cloud is DJ music online and not software, but it has all the functions and tools of any DJ software. Make sure to use this DJ software online on a computer with an updated browser and latest Flash integration. It has two decks, playlist, mid, sync, and even Automix which allows users to play the music hand free.  This is one of the best free DJ software for people who want to learn and enjoy music.


Best Free DJ Software FAQ

1. What is the best free DJ software?

Serato DJ Lite is one of the best free DJ software on the internet. It has all the latest features and integration that allows users to create better beats and music tracks.

2. What is the best DJ software for beginners?

Mixxx is known for its user interface which is so easy that anyone can learn it. It’s the best free DJ software for beginners and they also have lots of tutorials and reading material to learn from. 

3. Is virtual DJ free?

Yes, the Virtual DJ is totally free but only for home-usage. For anything else, the user can purchase the pro version. This free Virtual DJ software is just for the newbies and home party.

4. What is the best DJ mixer online?

You.DJ is one of the best online DJ software right now. They have two decks and a pre-loaded playlist which allows users to start DJing.



We hope that this article will help anyone who is looking for the best free DJ software on the internet. We have also included an Online Dj mixer for those who need to try their hand on Djing first. If you have any questions regarding software for DJs, ask us in the comment section. 



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