Best Mac Cleaner Software Reviews In 2020


Mac Cleaners are designed to clear the space and free up the system. The Macintosh operating system is made with state of the art technology and computing power but just like others, it occupies more space too. Mac computers constantly create cache files and other temporary files that need to be removed. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best mac cleaner software of 2020. 

Best Mac Cleaner Software 2020

#1 CleanMyMac X – Best Mac Cleaner

CleanMyMac is one of the only software in the market which is notarized by Apple which means it’s safe to use this software on mac. Clean My Mac is downloaded 15 million times all over the globe and has some of the best features of a mac cleaner. One of the biggest issues Mac users face is the DMG files which are software packets or file containers which are useless once the software is installed. CleanMyMac X removes them alongside any temp or cache files that slow down your Mac. That’s why we have added this to our list of best mac cleaner software. 

CleanMyMac X also has maintenance and utility features in it that users can maintain with just one button. They can also scan for any malware that is specifically designed to attack mac. CleanMyMac is a one-stop mac cleaner in the market that is easy to use.


#2 Onyx Mac – Free Mac Cleaner

Onyx Mac - Free Mac Cleaner

Onyx Mac is one of the best all in one maintenance utility tool for mac users. We have mentioned this tool in this article because by far it has some of the best features of mac cleaner with maintenance than any other software in the market. Onyx Mac is an advanced software made for professional users to maintain their mac. It’s smaller in size and totally free to download. This mac cleaner has other features too such as deep which enable or disable the hidden features, it can also make changes to the access menu and more. That’s why we have included this to our list of best mac cleaner software.

Onyx Mac supports all versions of Macintosh and it’s easy to download too. Once installed, users can change so many features in their mac and clean it as well. One of the only drawbacks it has is the advanced UI which is not user friendly. 


#3 CCleaner for Mac

ccleaner for mac

CCleaner is a household name with PC users or Mac users for more than a decade. CCleaner is one of the best mac cleaner software in the market with many features that are not available in other software. CCleaner for mac has one of the most simple UI for the user and they can clean mac with just one click. There are many advanced features that are also available such as safer browsing, privacy, and a full customization option for the mac. Users can download the CCleaner for free and use it or they can upgrade it to a premium version for more features.

CCleaner for mac cleans the extra-large files and temporary files to make the mac run smoothly. This mac cleaner will help users to optimize the start-up of the issue and clean the clutter that mac constantly creates.


#4 Daisydisk



When Apple launched the Mac, they had an idea in their mind, they wanted to make computing more fun with graphics and an easy interface. That’s what Daisydisk is all about and with the help of its mac cleaning feature, users can speed up their mac with ease. This mac cleaner is awarded many times and proudly claims that thousands of apple employees use daisy disk on a daily basis. This is one of the fastest software to clean mac without any hassle and that’s why we have added this to our list of best mac cleaner software. 

Daisydisk has beautiful UI and graphics which lets the user know how much space is free and what files are using a large amount of space. It’s easy to clean mac and keep an eye on the excess files and temp to remove.


#5 MacBooster


MacBooster is also one of the prominent names in mac cleaning software. One of the best features of this mac cleaner is that it has 20 types of cleaning features that clean the mac thoroughly. It removes 20 types of junk files from the mac which might be hidden and hogging up space. MacBooster can find the large and old files from the mac which are using much of the space and are hard to find. This mac cleaner also provides data on the software which is not in use for a long time and it can be uninstalled directly from the software. This is one of the most downloaded software on mac and that’s why we have added this to our list of best mac cleaner software.

MacBooster can find the duplicate file in mac which is unnecessary and users can directly delete them too. One of the biggest issues is the duplicate photo which fills up the disk. MacBooster has a photo sweeper that finds all the pictures on the disk and compares them. If anyone of them is a duplicate, the user can delete them too.


#6 Disk Doctor



Disk Doctor is also one of the well known Mac cleaner software in the market. Disk doctors can do everything that needs to be done in order to clean the mac and make it run faster and smoother. It doesn’t have much of a UI or any other feature but it does help with cleaning mac. It can clear the Applications caches, Application logs, Browser Data, Mail downloads folder, or any other temporary files that are useless. This mac cleaner also provides a list of files that are larger than 100mb and give a whole list to the user. Once a user selects the files, it can delete the app and files with just one click. Because of this simplification and problem-solving features, we have added this to our list of best mac cleaner software.

Disk doctor can also clean some of the useless files from mac such as Partial downloads, Developer files, Old iOS software updates, and Trash can. It has a smaller size and an easy to use the function.


#7 AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner

AVG is known for its anti-virus software and other applications but now they have mac cleaner too. We have to include them to our list because they are trustworthy and the mac cleaner has minimal design and function. Once users download the AVG cleaner for mac, they will find only two options, Disk Cleaner and Duplicate Finder. We understand that there are many software out there that offer more than two features but to clean the mac, they only need two. Once the scan is started, the user will get a list of files and sizes which are temporary, such as application caches, trash can, junk file, logs, and more. Select the option and click on the clean button to remove all the unnecessary files.

AVG cleaner can also find duplicate files. Once it scans the whole mac, it will provide the full report on which file is duplicate. Users can remove them with one click and that’s why we have added this to our list of best mac cleaner software.


Best Mac Cleaner Software FAQ

1. What is the best Mac cleaner?

CleanMyMac X is one of the most popular and effective mac cleaners in the market. They are officially notarized by apple and safe as well.

2. What is the Best Free Mac Cleaner software?

Onyx Mac is one of the best free mac cleaner software in the market. They have minimal design and easy to clean features as well.

3. Is CCleaner safe?

Yes, it’s totally safe to use. Any software downloaded from the Apple iStore is safe to use and they are dominating the mac cleaner market for a long time.

4. What is the most User-friendly Mac cleaner?

Daisydisk has one of the most beautiful UI and graphics for mac cleaner. It’s easy to click and users just need to press one button to optimize the whole mac.


We hope that this article will help anyone who needs to clean their mac. We have listed some of the best mac cleaners on the internet and they are all safe to download as well. If you have any more questions regarding mac cleaner software, ask us in the comment section.

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