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In schools, your performance is evaluated based on your marks obtained, extra-curricular activities. In sports, the same thing happens when a team is made. But, have you ever wondered how one evaluates the performance of a PC’s hardware and software? By merely using Benchmark software available in the market. 

Let me explain. Benchmark Software is a tool to evaluate the performance of your PC. It is of no relevance whether your PC is Old or band new. As long as it’s working, the software will be able to check your PC’s performance. So whether it’s a new hardware component in your PC that you just added or you overclock your GPU, the software will be able to snaptop the performance of your PC in no time. 

With the help of Benchmark Software, you could:

  1. Check system performance 
  2. It lets you know about the rank and performance level 
  3. Let’sLet’s you configure the hardware changes through it without any issue
  4. Allows you to modify hardware to make a big difference in many ways

Now you know what Benchmark Software does to your PC, here are 8 Best PC BenchMark Software for Windows you must have.

Best PC Benchmark software for Windows

#1 CPU-Z


Just as the name suggests, it tells you entirely about the CPU and PC hardware specifications. It gives specification regards to motherboard, RAM, and graphics card. It also allows you to have full significant information about the processor name and number, codename, package, cache levels. On top of that, you can also get updates on the mainboard and chipset with CPU-Z. And the best part is; it’s FREE. 

Key Giveaways:

  • Provides complete information on CPU and PC hardware specifications. 
  • Instant results regarding mainboard, RAM, and graphic card.
  • It is a great all-around program to visualize hardware makes and models.

#2 3DMark

3 DMask

If you’re not a tech-geek and know nothing about benchmark software, then 3DMark is your companion. It allows you to evaluate your PC’s performance and helps you find the right test for your PC by scanning your hardware automatically. It recommends the best benchmark for your system for you to have a full grasp of what is happening to your PC performance. With 3DMark, you can choose the test you want to install, have a detailed chart showing you the CPU and GPU temperature, clock speed, and frame rate within a matter of minutes. If you are a newbie in the world of Benchmark software, then 3DMark is just for you. 

Key Giveaways:

  • It evaluates, recommends, and helps you find the right test for your PC.
  • Scans your hardware automatically and shows the proper test for your system.
  • Shows CPU and GPU temperature, clock speed, and frame rate
  • It lets you compare scores with other windows and devices. 

#3 SiSoftware Sandra Lite 

Made explicitly for Techies and businesses dependent on their system’s detailed performance and can’t afford to have a slow procedure. It is a package deal that lets you test a computer’s memory bandwidth, benchwork network performance, computer’s power efficiency.

It not only provides a detailed analysis of your system but also benchmarks your component or online connection. It then compares it with similar processors and provides you with a better idea of how an upgrade will help you or not. 

Key Giveaways:

  • The right choice for people with knowledge of software and hardware
  • Lets you test a computer’s memory bandwidth, benchwork network performance, computer’s power efficiency.
  • Compares other similar processors for better understanding

#4 PCMark 10

PC Mark 10 is the latest version in the list of PC Benchmarks. It is designed for Windows 10 for faster and more comfortable performance evaluation. It focuses on everyday office tasks. As it requires no configuration, making it easy to install and use, it is usually the first choice for people looking for benchmark software. 

It provides scores that can be compared with other systems as well. PCMark also provides a productivity test group, digital content creation, and gaming test for better performance. 

Key Giveaways:

  • Requires no configuration
  • Easy to install and use
  • Performance Score can be compared with other systems.

#5 Geekbench

When it comes to overall performance evaluation, then Geekbench Benchmark software doesn’t disappoint. It covers everything from checking your email to taking a picture to play music, or all of it at once. It evaluates single-core and multicore processors’ power. It tells you how close you are from cutting edge to stop from overdoing the performance check. 

With Geekbench, you can compare system performance across devices, operating systems, and processor architectures. It supports not only windows but also Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Key Giveaways:

  • Evaluates power of single and multicore processors
  • Suitable for Windows, iOS,macOS, and Linux
  • Alerts you from overdoing.
  • Compares system performance across devices and operating systems. 

#6 Heaven

Another benchmark software that made it to the list is Heaven for its beautiful and interactive user interface. It performs both CPU and GPU tests to have full detail for your PC’sPC’s system. It gives accurate results and extreme hardware stability testing. In addition to the above, it also provides GPU temperature and clock monitoring. 

It is one of the best user-friendly benchmark software as it allows you to select the perfect software edition according to your needs.

Key Giveaways:

  • Allows maxim control and selection of software based on user’s need
  • Provides accurate scores
  • Gives detail of GPU temperature in extreme heat output
  • It has a basic, advanced, and professional mode. 

#7 Superposition

Superposition is designed for both commercial and non-commercial purposes making it consumer’s first choice. It provides performance data of PC hardware like video cards, power supply, and cooling systems. It also has a loop test so that you can check the check hardware stability

It has a Free exploration mode with mini-games with over 900 interactive objects. It is suitable for Windows and Linux. Superposition also allows you to compare scores online.

Key Giveaway:

  • It can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • Free exploration with mini-games
  • Provides performance data of video cards, power supply, and cooling system.]
  • Compare scores online with other systems.

#8 RealBench


Realbench is one of its kind that uses open application simple scripting to simulate the real-world performance of the PC system. It also elaborates on the difference before and after an upgrade to have the comprehensive data of your system. Windows having 64 bit must use it to evaluate PC system performance. 

It uses different tests to give you a combined massive multitasking scenario that loads the entire system. 

Key Giveaways:

  • Detailed analysis of before and after upgrade 
  • Uses open application 
  • Suitable for Windows 64bit


Just like there are plenty of fishes in the sea, so many benchmark software is available in the market, which can either boost your system’s performance or worsen it. Not having proper researched knowledge might harm your computer. 

It is necessary to test the system’s performance from time to time to help run it properly. With the help of benchmark software, you can know the shortcoming of your PC’sPC’s system.

Don’t just download any benchmark software to test performance. The above list is provided explicitly so that you could use the best professional used software to evaluate your PC’s performance. 

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