How to Fix Err_spdy_protocol_error in 2021?


Err_spdy_protocol_error is a known error faced by chrome users. Spy term indicates Speed of web page, here the website or your device is not at fault but something is wrong with Chrome browser. Check out the main causes and solving methods for Err spdy protocol error in 2021. 

Lack of new update for Chrome Browser, minor browsing issues, stored corrupted cache and cookies in chrome browser are some of the main causes for Err_spdy_protocol_error. How to fix it? Read further to know the fixing methods!

Fixing methods for Err_spdy_protocol_error!

We have stated relevant methods to fix Err spdy protocol error, insist you perform the methods one after another and check if the issue is fixed or not. Make sure your device is connected to valid internet connectivity, before proceeding with the methods.

Reload the Web Page in Chrome browser.


Due to some minor server issues, you might find the problem Err_spdy_protocol_error. Try to reload the Web Page couple of times, you will find an arrow beside the web address. Kindly, click on it. Hopefully, the error is fixed. If not, proceed with other methods.

Close the Current tab in Chrome Browser.


Try to close the current tab of chrome browser, where you are trying to access the web page. You will find the cross symbol on the right side of the website, click on it. Once done, try to access the website using the valid URL address in a new tab.

Check for updates for Chrome Browser!


Kindly, click on triple dots in your chrome browser. You will find it at the top right side. Find the help option and move the cursor on it, click on “About Google Chrome” option to check new updates. If any, download and install it. Performing the method will you to fix Err spdy protocol error in 2021.

Clear Browsing Data in Chrome Browser.


  • Firstly open the settings of chrome browser, click on triple dots to find chrome settings.  


  • Next step is to click on “Clear browsing data”


  •  Kindly, select “All time” option from the drop-down box and click on Clear Data tab.

Once done, close all the tabs. Now try to visit the website in Chrome Browser.

Clear Chrome DNS Cache (Clear host cache) and Flush socket pools

In case, if the problem still exists then insist you perform the method. It will help you to clear the corrupted DNS Cache from Chrome Browser.


Kindly copy the URL chrome://net-internals/#dns in a new tab of Chrome Browser and hit enter. Next is to click on “Clear host cache” to clear the corrupted cache from your browser.


Now you have to Flush Socket pools of chrome browser to gain a new start. Simply copy the stated URL chrome://net-internals/#sockets in your chrome browser. Click on “Flush Socket Pools” to complete the procedure.

Flush and Renew DNS in Command Prompt.


  • Type Command Prompt in the Windows search bar.
  • Click on “Run as administrator” to open CMD prompt.


  • Kindly, input the stated command ipconfig/flushdns in command prompt and hit enter.


  • Next is to input the command ipconfig/renew in CMD prompt and hit enter.

Once done, close Command Prompt and restart the Windows Operating System. Now try to access the website in your Chrome Browser, Err_spdy_protocol_error might be vanished this time, for sure.

FAQ for Err spdy protocol error

  • How to Fix Err_SPDY_Protocol_Error in Google Chrome?

Perform the stated methods in your Chrome Browser to fix spdy protocol error in 2021.

  1. Reload the Web Page
  2. Close the Current tab
  3. Clear Browsing Data
  4. Clear host cache and Flush socket pools
  5. Flush and Renew DNS in Command Prompt.
  • What causes Err spdy protocol error?

Outdated Chrome Browser, corrupted cache and cookies, corrupted DNS cache are some of the main causes for Err_SPDY_Protocol_Error. Kindly, update your chrome browser to fix the problem.

  • What is the command to flush DNS?

Input the command ipconfig/flushdns in command prompt and hit enter to flush DNS. Make sure you open the CMS prompt as admin. Once done, enter the command ipconfig/renew and hit enter to renew DNS.


We’re glad to introduce reliable methods to fix Err_spdy_protocol_error in 2021. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it in the given comment sections. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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