Best Free Animation Software for Windows PC in 2020


Looking for Animation software for Windows PC? If yes, we insist your read the whole article as we have listed the best free animation software for windows in 2020.  

The animation is an art to represent the visual imagination in the form of virtual characters. There are many well-known YouTubers across the world that upload animated videos on YouTube and consider Animation as their earning source. They rely on animated software for creating different characters, they create multiple frames for the character to get a final output. there are also many digital art software that could help with animation.If you are a beginner and have a passion for animation but can’t afford highly paid animation classes can simply ahead towards the free animation software.  

Plenty of free animation software is available on the internet but all of them are not useful. Some of them simply occupy space in your Windows PC and waste your valuable time and efforts. Whereas some of them might have good features but that animation software will not be free for a long time period. Users will get free trials to operate for a week or a month. It often happens that the user gets a pop-up saying purchase the software for further using, this pop-up will definitely annoy you. We have considered all the needful and Effective aspects for free animation software and have compared the number of available software to the best output.

We are more than happy to announce that we have found the best free animation software of 2020. To lessen our readers’ burden we have listed all the free animation software that is compatible with Windows PC. Simply read the whole article to know the best 2D & 3D free animation software, we have provided direct download links to help you for getting the needful free animation software.

Best Free Animation Software for Windows PC

#1 Pencil 2D


Pencil 2D is a free animation software compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 operating system. In case, if you are using any of the given operating system than you can download one of the Best Free animation software for your Windows PC. The interface of this free animation software is simple which lets your create 2D videos. 

Pencil 2D is one the Best Free Animation Software which includes quality features, features like onion skinning, Adjust frame, lighting effects and much more. You can import-export the audio, video files for editing in your windows PC. User can customize the Toolbar in this animation software. Create 2D videos combining the normal pictures, insert funny tunes and voice clips. 

Pencil 2D includes many tutorial videos. User can watch the given tutorial videos to learn how to create awesome 2D videos for free.

Note: Before downloading the free animation software make sure to select the appropriate operating system of your Windows PC. 


#2 Daz Studio



If you are fond of 3D images and 3D animation videos than the animation software is a reliable one for you. Daz Studio software is suitable for Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 and Windows 10 Operating system. This free animation software includes the NVIDIA Iray feature. Using it you can have rendering effect on your animated images or videos. You can create tactful Funny or Scary animated 3D videos for free using the Daz Studio animation software. The software includes plenty of 3D contents you can have access to those contents by downloading the animation software. 

This software is meant for both commoners and professionals. Using the animation software the professional animator can create enhanced 3D videos and images. It includes the realistic lightning feature UberShader which lets users have extraordinary lightings effects in their video and images. Users can have a look at all the famous artworks by visiting the gallery tab in the free windows animation software. 

For downloading the animation software you have to visit the official Daz Studio website and have to register in it. The website will require your Name, Last name, and Email address along with a new password.


#3 Animaker



Users who are looking for an online animation Tool can prefer the Animaker free animation website. With the help of this free online animation software, you can create exciting 2D animation Videos. This online animation website is accessible 24/7 you can access from anywhere at any time using your PC. As it is an online portal you have register on the Animaker website for getting the login credentials. 

With the free animation online software, you can create simple animation videos, infographic videos or educational videos. You can input recorded voice-overs in your created 2D videos. Users can make use of the inbuilt elements in there created videos for having more effective videos. The interface of the online animation software is simple and easy. Animaker lets you access to download the created videos so that you can share it with your friends in any of the social media. 


#4 Stykz



If you are a beginner to the animation firm and wants to gain quality skills for animation can rely on Stykz free animation software. It lends you the access to create stick animations with 2D effects. With the help of the animation software, you can directly add the inbuilt Stykz frames in your creation to have more effective art. The interface of this animation software is very simple and easy anyone can operate it for free.

This free animation software includes the Onion skins feature which lets users have a quick look at the previous frames. It is helpful for you to have a quick understanding of the changes that should be made in the next frame. Stykz is one of the best free animation software that can be used in any of the windows operating system. The software is mainly meant for the beginners who intend to give a try in the animation field.


#5 OpenToonz



OpenToonz is useful for creating 2D effects animation videos, it includes lighting, colour features. Users can import their images and videos in the free animation software for editing and converting them into 2D animation. You can add effective colours and lighting effects to your art and can import it by downloading. Users can have a variety of free plugins within the OpenToonz free animation software. It is useful for creating stickmen animated frames; you can input voice-over in your creation. 

Improve your skills using one of the best free animation software, OpenToonz. You can use the Xsheets for creating quick animations. It is also useful for creating presentation slides as it includes all the needful editing features such as pencil, rubber, paintbrush, lighting effects, and colours.


#6 Blender



Blender is a 3D free animation software that lets you access PC Web camera for recording the input videos. User can also import the stored videos and can animate them with 3D rendering effects. The free animation software is useful for both the beginner and professionals. This animation software includes all the necessary animation tools for getting the best output. You can add lighting effects, voice-over, colours, create 3D sticky characters, frames and much more. It includes free anime plugins for users they can use it for free. 

Quality Features of Blender animation are Rigging, Animation, Simulation, Rendering, Modelling, Compositing and Motion tracking. You can get hands-on all the necessary features in one free animation software Blende. You can have free animation tutorials for blender animation software.

#7 Synfig Studio



Synfig Studio is a free 2D animation software that includes 2D layers and filters, vector Tweening, Bones features. Using the features of the Synfig Studio can create tactful 2D videos and can insert voice over to the created videos. People use it to create funny and creative videos as it provides a variety of frames within. You can add effective colours and lighting effects to the animated frames, as it includes the canvas features. Users can design presentation slides in Xsheets using the paint tools of the Synfig Studio. 

The animation software allows users to have whole control over the timing of the created frames. You can create a walk cycle animation gif files or short 2D videos with the help of the free 2D animation software. Synfig Studio is compatible with Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems.


FAQ For Animation Software

1. What is the best free animation software?

There are many free animation software available on the internet but all of them don’t include quality features. Blende is one of the best free 3D animation software that you rely on for improving animation skills.

2. How can I get free animation software?

You can download free animation software by visiting the official website of the animation. Read our article to get the best 2D and 3D free animation software, we have provided the direct download link for end animation software.

3. What is the best free 2D animation software?

Synfig Studio is one of the best 2D animation free software, you can download it for any operating system of Windows, Linux or OSX.

4. What is the best online animation website?

If you are looking for an animation online portal meant for free animation than you can rely on the Animaker online animation software. 

5. Is Synfig Studio free?

Yes, Synfig Studio is a free animation software, you can download it for free for you Windows, Linux or OSX PC. 


We hope you got the useful information related to search for Best Free Animation Software for Windows PC in 2020! If you have any other query related to the topic kindly noted it down in the below-given comment section, we will be happy to assist you with relevant answers to the asked question. 

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