HDMI Audio Not Working in Windows 10: How to Fix HDMI Not Working


HDMI Audio Not Working in Windows 10? Many Windows users are complaining about HDMI port and cable issues with Windows. Specifically, HDMI no sound issue in windows 10 which troubles the user. HDMI cables are digital cable that can transfer images and audio without needing extra cable. Read this article to explore how to fix HDMI audio not working issue on Windows.

Why HDMI Audio Not Working?

HDMI cables are useful and it has better sound and video quality than its predecessor. When users find no sound coming out from their device, they always assume its HDMI cable. Mostly when we replace the HDMI cable, the issue is resolved but on the contrary, the issue still persists. In that case, it could be an internal issue with the Windows Operating System. There is no correct answer to why HDMI sound not working, but we can find the source of the issue by eliminating the obvious choices.

We can start by first changing the HDMI cable with a working cable. If the audio output is restored, then it could be just a faulty HDMI cable. However, even with a working cable, there is no sound, then we have compiled a list to solve HDMI audio not working in windows 10 issue.

How to Fix HDMI Audio Not Working Windows 10?

  1. Set HDMI As Default Audio Output

We can change the audio output from speaker to HDMI device, however, speakers are always the default Audio output. In order to change that, we need to set the device which is connected by HDMI as a default audio output. Here is how,

  • Open Run Windows(windows+R) and type “mmsys.cpl”
HDMI audio not working
  • It will open the Sound settings in windows
  • You will find a list of device that is connected with your windows 10 pc
  • If you don’t find your HDMI device, which in this case is your monitor, then right-click on the box and select “Show disabled devices” and “Show disconnected devices”
HDMI audio not working
  • After that, you can find your monitor in the list. Now right click on the disabled device and select enable
HDMI audio not working
  • Once you make your HDMI connected device your default audio device. Select the device and set the option as “set default” and then click ok
HDMI audio not working

Once you set your HDMI device as default audio output, run a test to confirm the issue resolved. HDMI output settings in windows 10 is quite simple and easy to handle. However, if this method doesn’t work and the issue with HDMI audio not working windows 10 persist, then try other methods.

  1. Scan Registry

HDMI no sound issue can be related to the registry. Sometimes when the registry gets corrupted, it jeopardizes functions of other hardware and software. In order to find this problem and fix it, we need to scan the registry. Here is how,

  • Go to the menu and find the command prompt and run it as administrator
HDMI audio not working
  • Now type “sfc /scannow” and hit enter. It will take some to scan the computer.
HDMI audio not working

Once the process is complete, restart your PC. once the system is rebooted, it will replace all the corrupted registries with functioning. You can also try some of the Best Free Registry Cleaners For Windows software to ease your worries. However, even after the scan, your HDMI audio not working in windows 10, then try other methods.

  1. Update Audio Driver

Updating the audio driver may solve this issue right away. Once we remove the HDMI cable from the equation, the source of the HDMI no audio issue leads us to the driver. Sometimes we need to update our hardware driver for compatibility with the device. Here is how

  • Open Run windows and type “devmgmt.msc”
  • Now find the “sound, video and game controller” option from the list in device manager
  • Select the audio driver and right-click on it to update
HDMI audio not working
HDMI audio not working
  • After that select the first option in searching for audio driver
  • Once you update your driver, restart your PC

Check your audio device with HDMI cable for sound, if you can hear the sound, it means that issue with HDMI no sound is fixed. You can also use driver updater to easily update and solve issues. However, if the issue isn’t resolved yet, then find other methods.

  1. Rollback Audio Driver

The rollback of drivers is the exact opposite of the update. When we update a driver, we are adding new features and formate, but when we roll back the driver, we are actually using a previous version of the driver. HDMI audio not working windows 10 issue can be solved by using the older version of audio driver which are compatible with cable. Here is how,

  • Open Run windows and type “devmgmt.msc”
  • Now find the “sound, video and game controller” option from the list in device manager
  • Select the driver and go to properties
  • In the driver tab, click on rollback driver
HDMI audio not working
  • Then select any of the reason and move forward with it
HDMI audio not working

Once you roll back the audio driver, restart your PC. now check for the issue with HDMI no sound. If the previous driver doesn’t work, then try other methods.

  1. Run Audio Troubleshoot

Windows has an inbuilt troubleshoot program that can find any issue and fix it. Run troubleshooter to find out why HDMI audio not working on Windows 10. Here is how,

  • Go to Windows settings (Windows+I) and then select update and security
  • Now find troubleshoot option
  • After that, select “playing audio” and start troubleshooting
HDMI audio not working

Once you troubleshoot audio devices, reboot your system. After that check for the audio for any issue. This will surely fix HDMI audio not working Windows 10 issue.

FAQ for HDMI Audio Not Working

Why HDMI sound not working in Windows 10?

One of the common reason is a faulty HDMI cable. However, if we replace it with a new working and functioning cable, sometimes it doesn’t work because of the windows internal issue. Most people face this problem while connecting HDMI computer to a TV with no sound output.

How to fix HDMI Audio not working in Windows 10?

There are several ways we can fix HDMI no sound problem, here are some of the methods users can apply to fix HDMI audio issue,

  1. Set HDMI As Default Audio Output
  2. Scan Registry
  3. Update Audio Driver
  4. Rollback Audio Driver
  5. Run Audio Troubleshoot

How to download HDMI driver for windows 10?

Visit the manufacturer’s website and select the driver version to download HDMI driver. You can also opt for a free driver updater software to update any driver with just one click.


HDMI cables are one of the best audio and video cables for TV, monitors or any media devices. However, when face issues like HDMI audio not working in windows 10, we need to find a solution. We can replace the HDMI cable easily but if that’s no the cause of this error, we need to find the source of HDMI no sound problem. Read this article to explore how to fix HDMI sound not working in windows issue. If you have any questions regarding this article, ask us in the comment section.

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