How to Fix Laptop Plugged in Not Charging issue in Windows 10?


Is your laptop plugged in but not charging? This is one of the most common issues faced by laptop users across different companies. Despite plugging in the charger to the Laptop, we cannot see the charging symbol. Read this article to explore the question, why is my laptop plugged in and not charging? And find the relevant answer.

There are several reasons behind this battery not charging issue in laptops. One of the most common is related to the old battery stop functioning. We can replace the old battery and fix the issue. However, we need to first pinpoint the source and that’s why we have created a checklist to fix the laptop is not charging issue in 2021.

How to Fix Laptop Plugged in Not Charging Issue in Windows 10?

  1. Check the Charger

One of the first things you need to do is check the charger physically and look for any breaks or teared up parts. If your charger is faulty, it cannot provide power to your charger. You can simply sniff the wire to check if it’s an internal short-circuit or something else. Make sure that your charger is working fine and test it on other laptops. Once we eliminate the charger, we can focus on the laptop to solve this laptop plugged in not charging in Windows 10.

  1. Check the Charger Type and Port

Are you using the original charger provided by your laptop manufacturer? If no, then make sure to check your charger. Make sure to check the AC adapter and DC adaptor. Check the battery power requirement, amperage and voltage required. Also, users need to check USB ports too because some laptops have different ports for charging.

  1. Remove Battery

If the laptop plugged in but not charging then we need to check the battery. Remove the battery from the back and press the power button on the laptop. Pressing the power button without the laptop battery will drain the remaining power. Now connect the charger directly to the laptop without the battery and check if it’s working or not? If the laptop is working perfectly without the battery, it indicates that something is wrong with the battery in question. However, sometimes when a battery loses the connection, it stops charging. Insert the battery back into the laptop and put it inside perfectly. Here is how to install the battery in the HP laptop to fix Laptop Plugged in Not Charging.

Laptop Plugged in Not Charging
  1. Check Laptop Power and Sleep Setting

Windows 10 has separate settings for battery and power. We can change this power setting for a better output. Sometimes when we change the recommended power settings, it will drain the battery faster and ultimately create issues with the battery. Here is how to change power and sleep settings in Windows 10 to fix laptop plugged in not charging.

  • Open settings from the start menu or press windows + I button.
  • Then find power and sleep settings
  • Then click on “Additional Power Settings”
Laptop Plugged in Not Charging
  • Now choose the recommend settings between power consumption and performance and click on “change plan settings”
Laptop Plugged in Not Charging
  • Now change the settings to recommended and save it
Laptop Plugged in Not Charging

Lenovo has its own battery optimization software named vantage that makes sure your laptop always runs on recommend battery settings.

Laptop Plugged in Not Charging
  1. Update Battery Driver

Drivers are the bridge between hardware and software and we need to update them regularly. There are many Windows driver updater to choose from but we can update it manually.

  • Open Run Windows and type “devmgmt.msc”
  • Now select the battery option from the list
  • Then right-click on the battery and select the update option
Laptop Plugged in Not Charging
  • After that, it will ask to search the internet or local drive for the driver, choose accordingly and move forward
  • Once you update your battery driver, restart your laptop

Now check the laptop plugged in not charging issue. If you don’t find any sign of charging while the laptop is plugged in, you may need to visit the shop.

  1. Visit Repair Center

If everything fails and you cannot figure out the source of the issue, then visit any certified laptop repair center. Sometimes when a charging issue occurs, we need to eliminate the obvious to find the root of the problem. However, if we fail to find the issue, we need to fix it before it turns into something bigger. If you are not aware of the functions of laptops, we suggest you find someone who knows.

FAQ for Laptop Plugged in Not Charging

Why is my HP laptop plugged in but not charging?

There are many reasons behind this issue such as a bad charger or battery. Sometimes it could be the power options issue with the HP laptop that caused this error.

How do I fix my Dell laptop battery not charging?

First, make sure you have the correct charger for the Dell laptop. Then remove the battery and connect the charger to check if the battery is the issue. Change the charger to check if the adaptor is faulty.

What do I do if my Lenovo laptop won’t charge?

If you already plugged in your Lenovo laptop charger and it won’t charge, then visit their official website to update the driver and BIOS. After that you can try the Lenovo Vantage program to fix the issue.

Will a laptop run without a battery?

Yes, the laptop can run without the battery but it will turn the laptop into a desktop. The user cannot unplug the charger and they need to make sure that the laptop won’t overheat.


Laptop plugged in but not charging in Windows 10 is a common issue faced by HP, Dell, Lenovo laptop users collectively. There is no magic solution to fix this right away as we need to examine each component one by one to find the source. Read this article to explore how to fix laptop plugged in not charging issues. If you have any questions regarding any specific brand of laptop charging issue, then ask us in the comment section.

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