Methods to Fix GeForce experience 0x0003 in Windows PC 2020


Finding Error code 0x0003 in your Windows PC? If “YES” we strongly insist you read the article as we have introduced all the reliable methods for fixing the faced problem GeForce experience 0x0003 in 2020

Gamers usually prefer gaming software and GeForce GTX graphics card in their system for smooth gaming, the GeForce experience is one of the companion application of GeForce GTX graphics card that helps to optimize the gaming experience. Sometimes you might find the error “something went wrong to Try restarting GeForce Experience” in your Windows System. Do you know the actual causes for the faced problem 0x0003? Don’t worry, for all our beloved readers we have introduced all the main reasons for GeForce experience 0x0003 problem and its fixing methods in 2020

Causes for the faced Error code 0x0003 in Windows Operating System

We have listed the main reasons for the faced Error code 0x0003 in Windows PC, try to keep precaution for the given causes for avoiding the Error code 0x0003 in your System. 

  • Outdated Windows Software Updates 
  • Due to some missing files or data in GeForce application
  • Pending or incomplete installation of Software 
  • The incapability of System and Nvidia Telemetry
  • Glitches in Network Adapter in Windows PC
  • Due to lack of new updates for Nvidia software or Nvidia driver update 

Reliable methods for fixing GeForce 0x0003 problem in Windows System 2020

We have introduced the useful methods along with steps for fixing the Error code 0x0003 in Windows PC.  

Check for new updates for Windows Operating System

  • Firstly type “ Check for updates” in the windows search bar and hit the enter key

  • Next step is to click on “Check for updates” tab to find new updates
  • In case, if there is any new “Software Update” Download and Install the same in your windows PC. 

Sometimes due to lack in software update might invite the GeForce experience 0x0003 problem in Windows PC. 

Resetting the Network Adapter

Try to reset network adapter in your Windows operating system, sometimes the activity is useful for solving the NVidia 0x0003 problem 


  • Firstly type “Command Prompt” in the Windows search bar and select the option Run as administrator. 

  • Next step is to input the command “netsh winsock reset” in Command prompt and hit enter key.

Performing the above-given steps will in your Windows PC help you fix GeForce experience 0x0003

Update Nvidia Graphics Driver to the Latest Version

The Error code 0x0003 might occur if the Nvidia Graphics driver is not up-to-date. Kindly follow the given steps to update the drivers in your Windows PC. 

  • Press “Windows Key + X” simultaneously to launch the device manager. 

  • Click on “Device Manager” tab to continue with the fixing process for faced error 0x0003

  • Next step is to click on “Display Adapters” tab and find Nvidia Graphics card.
  • Now, right-click on Nvidia Graphics card and click on “Update driver” 
  • The process will consume some time, wait until 100% completion

Kindly Allow interaction between Nvidia Telemetry services and Windows System

Performing the activity in Windows PC will help you to get rid of the faced Error code 0x0003.

  • Firstly press “Windows Key + R” simultaneously and input “services.msc” click OK button

  • Now what you have to do is to simply find the “Nvidia Telemetry services” option
  • Kindly right-click on it and select the “Properties” option. 

  • Now give a checkmark on “Allow Service to interact with desktop” and click OK button.

Once done, kindly close all the active tabs in your Windows PC and refresh the same. 

The last method is to Uninstall and Reinstall all the component of Nvidia 

Even the problem GeForce experience 0x0003 persists after performing all the above-given steps in the Windows PC, then you have to uninstall the components of the Nvidia from the System.

  • Firstly press Windows Key + R to open Run in your system

  • Now input “appwiz.cpl” in Run and click the OK button.

  • Next step is to click on each Nvidia components to uninstall them from the Windows PC.
  • After completing the uninstalling process, kindly restart the Windows PC. 
  • Next step is to visit the official Nvidia portal and download GeForce experience 

  • Kindly Click on “Download Now” button
  • Once the downloading process is completed kindly install GeForce experience in your Windows System. 

You can fix the GeForce experience 0x0003 errors in your Windows PC by performing the above-given steps. The method will help to regain the missing files of Nvidia graphic card. 

FAQ for GeForce experience 0x0003

1. What windows system is compatible with GeForce experience? 

GeForce experience is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 with at least 2GB RAM and 1 GB disk space. 

2. What has supported hardware for GeForce experience? 

Intel Pentium G Series, Core i3, i5, i7, or higher are supported hardware for GeForce experience. It is also compatible with AMD FX, Ryzen 3, 5, 7, Threadripper or higher

3. What is GeForce experience 0x0003?

GeForce experience 0x0003 is an error faced while playing a different genre of games in Windows System. The GeForce 0x0003 occurs due to lack of new updates, Nivida driver update, system software update. 

4. Where can I download game ready drivers? 

You can download game-ready drivers from GeForce Experience and 

5. What benefits can be gained by logging into GeForce experience?

There are multiple benefits which can be gained by getting logged into GeForce experiences such as giveaways, prizes, shield device and much more. Users with Nivida accounts can take advantage of live gaming broadcast for gaining name and fame. 


We hope you got the useful information related to the search for Methods to Fix GeForce experience 0x0003 in Windows PC 2020. In case if you have any other query related to the topic then we would request you to kindly note it down in the below-given comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you with a relevant answer to the asked question. 

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