Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows in 2020


Looking for Windows PC cleaner software? If the answer is yes, we insist you to read the whole article as we have assembled a list of best PC Cleaner Software for Windows in 2020.

Users who depend a lot on their PC for daily tasks, they must consider the PC as their valuable asset. They must give the PC daily bath for smooth running “Daily bath” term considers a proper clean-up of Data, Local Drives, CPU. By having regular daily bath Humans keep them clean, similarly, the PC gadget requires a bath in the form of clean-up with the help of PC Cleaner Software. just like Mac cleaner software, this PC Cleaner Software is useful for PC to get rid of the unwanted Images, Files, Videos and Audios of the system. Unwanted files eat up the useful ROM space and RAM speed, which deliberately leads the gadget to slow down. 

Free PC Cleaner Software Benefits

The Best Free PC Cleaner Software helps PC to acquire a long and durable life without any problem. Windows Cleaner tackles all the Virus, Bugs and Malware of your PC to keep it Safe and Secure. It also helps to increase the RAM of your PC which is consumed by the junk files that are stored in your PC. There are varieties of Cleaner software which are available in the market with different brands. Some of them are for free, whereas some cleaners need to be purchased. Getting the Best Free PC Cleaner Software is a time-consuming task. for better PC performance always update drivers regularly. Hence to lessen our reader’s burden we have listed the best free PC Cleaner Software in our article.

List Of Best PC Cleaner Software

We have listed the best PC cleaners which do not include any hidden charge the user can use it for free for keeping their PC clean and safe. 

#1 Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer PC cleaner is compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10. If you use any of the windows PC then you can try one of the best free PC cleaner “Advanced System Optimizer” for cleaning up the unwanted junk files that are stored in PC. 

The PC cleaner software includes the 4 main features. All the 4 features have their unique functions, Kindly read further to know all the functions that you can acquire for your PC with the help of the free windows PC Cleaner. 

  • Disk Cleaner & Optimizer

The windows PC cleaner is useful for cleaning purposes a user can have a quick system clean. Using the “System clean feature” you can clean up the unwanted files, jitters that are stored in your PC. 

It includes the “Disk Optimizer” feature which helps the PC for quick reading the Hard disk. PC with the Advanced System Optimizer PC cleaner will have good speed for reading any of the inserted hard disks compared to the normal PC.    

“Disk Tools” feature helps the PC system to prevent unexpected crashes and helps the PC stay stable and steady with good functional speed. 

The PC cleaner includes “Disk Explorer” which analyzes the occupied space for the data stored and the files that are formatted. You can have a quick check for the stored data in PC. 

  • System Security & Privacy

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best free PC cleaners that provides you with the feature of “System Protector” downloading and enabling the feature will help the PC to stay away from the Malwares, Trojans, viruses and other PC threats. You can give your PC a long life by installing one of the best PC Cleaner “Advanced System Optimizer”. 

The Windows PC cleaner includes the “Privacy Protector” feature. The user who is very fond of using their PC for browsing plenty of the websites the windows cleaner will be very useful for them. The free PC cleaner will help the PC to delete the browsed history automatically. All the caches and cookies of the websites will get vanished for preventing the websites who intends to read the stored data of your PC. Hence, it is very useful for having safe and reliable internet surfing using the PC.  

If your PC is not performing well-deleting junk files or if you keep on finding the junks files having space in your PC than the “Secure Delete” feature will be useful for you. This feature in the PC cleaner will let access to your PC for deleting the junk files. The deleted files using the “Secure Delete” feature will never get a space in the users’ Windows PC. 

PC cleaner software includes the “Secure Encrypt” feature. This feature is very useful for all those who are very fond of storing their informational data with complete security. The “Secure Encrypt” feature in the windows cleaner will help the user to encrypt their important files in the PC with a high-security password. 

  • Windows Optimizers

“Advanced System Optimizer” is one of the best Windows PC cleaners that lets the PC to have a high functional speed. Those who are using their PC windows operating system for gaming purpose, the “Game Optimizer” and “Improved Game Performance” features are very useful for them. These features let the user have smooth gaming without any distraction just by enabling the sandbox mode in the windows cleaner. 

“Memory Optimizer” is one of the features of Advanced System Optimizer free PC cleaner. The feature is useful for optimizing the speed of the Windows operating system by freeing up the running RAM. The “Memory Optimizer” feature of the windows cleaner helps the PC for instant boost-up of RAM. It automatically quits the usage of the RAM in all the background running programs and generates more functional speed to PC. 

The PC cleaner includes the “Driver Updater” feature which is very useful for quick download and installation of the new updates for the Windows operating system. User will get an automated notification with Pop-up if any new update is found. 

  • Backup And Recovery

The Windows PC cleaner includes the needful backup and recovery features within a single TAB “Backup and Recovery”. User can recover their files, documents, audios clips, images, videos by enabling the feature in the “Advanced System Optimizer” free windows cleaner software.

Sub features of the “Backup and Recovery” are Undelete files, Backup Manager, System Files Backup & Restore, and Effortless backup & restore. Simply enable all the given features so that you can get back all the useful data that you deleted unknowingly or accidentally. 


#2 Piriform CCleaner

The windows cleaner helps you to optimize the PC space and lets your PC run faster. You can keep the PC clean with standard privacy protection using the Piriform free PC cleaner. It is one of the Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows that helps the user to optimize their internet surfing speed. The Windows cleaner software tracks all the unwanted junk files that are stored in the PC and remove them. It plays a vital role for your PC for better security, smashing the malware and virus.

Keep checking the heath of you windows PC on a daily basis with the help of the Piriform windows PC cleaner. 

#3 Ashampoo WinOptimizer


The Ashampoo WinOptimizer lets you get complete information of the stored data in your Pc hard disk. You can easily find the unwanted files and can remove them. Removing the unwanted files leads to an increase in the speed of your PC. Ashampoo WinOptimizer PC Cleaner provides you with a dashboard for quick access to the features. This is one of the Best PC Cleaner Software that is accessible in Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. It includes instant junk file cleaning algorithm for quick PC clean up.  The PC cleaner software includes enhanced browser extension manager, which helps to clean up the unwanted caches and cookies of the visited websites. The dashboard of the Ashampoo WinOptimizer PC Cleaner includes a TAB for Analysis logs. You can get a quick overview of your PC and its running programs. 

The PC Cleaner is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


#4 IObit Advanced SystemCare 

The Software cleaner provides complete and secure online privacy to your PC. The interface of the IObit PC cleaner is simple and easily understandable. It helps you for quick PC clean up and lets you the key for PC speed up. IObit Advanced SystemCare cleaner software is useful to fix up the problems that are faced while surfing. It lets you rectify the disk errors, Windows security issues, system problems and helps you to fix them. The PC cleaner software includes a TAB named “Monitor System Resource in Real-time” which helps the user to manage the RAM, CPU and Disk Usage of Windows Operating System with one click. 

IObit is one of the best PC Cleaner Software for Windows that includes Privacy shield and Digital Finger Protection feature. Your PC can acquire complete online Privacy security with the help of the Cleaner software as it removes automatically all the upcoming online threats. IObit is a free PC cleaner for windows which let you control to remove all the unwanted ads that get pop-up while surfing. This Free PC cleaner detects the useless malicious websites and Blocks them so that it doesn’t harm the PC data. One of the best features of the windows cleaner is that it includes “Capture Intruder Automatically” feature within. This inbuilt feature lets the PC cleaner to get a place in the list of best free PC Cleaners in 2020. You just have to enable the “Capture Intruder Automatically” feature in the software by allowing the web camera permission to the IObit windows cleaner. If anyone other than you try to access your personal computer to operate or still any of the data the cleaner will click the person’s picture in the background. It is the most beneficial feature meant for PC data safety which you can get for free in the IObit PC cleaner.


#5 Wise Cleaner 

The wise cleaner is one of the Best Free PC Cleaner software which swipes out all the unwanted and junk files of your personal computer. This Windows PC Cleaner software is useful for quick cleanup of the visited websites history, caches and cookies of the sites. This windows software cleaner helps the user to have complete privacy for internet surfing. Users can have quick defragging and re-arranging files in their Windows PC hard disk. Hence, it is useful for increasing the functioning speed of the PC. 

The free PC cleaner includes “Automated Update” feature, if there is any update for the windows cleaner the system will rectify it and will download and install it automatically. It also includes the “Scheduled Automatic Disk Cleaning” feature for providing the users with more comfort. They can simply schedule the date and time in the feature for the PC cleanup. The Windows cleaner operates accordingly and will automatically start to clean up at the scheduled time. All the junk files that are stored or functioning in the Background of the PC will vanish. 


#6 Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is one of the best free pc cleaners which includes numerous tools within the windows cleaner software. Each of the tools has different functions. The free PC cleaner helps the user to boost up the RAM speed of the PC. It clears all the unwanted junk files that are stored or running in background programs of windows PC for speeding up the system. 

The main Tools that are included in one of the best PC cleaner software “Glary utilities” are given below: 

  • Cleanup and repairer
  • Optimize & improve
  • Privacy and Security
  • Files and folders
  • System Tools

Users can download the Glary utilities windows cleaner for free and can access all the above-given Tools for boosting up their windows PC.


#7 Razer Cortex windows cleaner

The PC cleaner is completely free and mainly meant for the pro gamers who use their Windows PC for gaming. Playing online games of different genre in PC usually get stuck with an unwanted glitch which spoils the players’ mood. These windows cleaner is 100% free and is compatible with Windows 7/ 8/ 10.  Gamers can install the PC cleaner in their windows PC for free for boosting their system. 

This Razer Cortex PC cleaner is useful for all those who use quality software in their windows PC for daily task. It is useful for all of them who use their windows PC for video editing, photoshop or some other digital tasks. Razer Cortex PC cleaners are boosting software which helps you to boost up the RAM usage of the PC. It cleans up all the unwanted files that are running in the background of your PC and provides you with a better experience of gaming and usage in your windows PC.


All the above-given software are the best and free windows PC cleaners that are available on the internet, users can simply select the most convenient one for them for their windows operating system.

FAQ For The Windows PC Cleaner

1. How can I clean my computer for free?

You can clean up your windows PC with the help of the windows PC cleaner, there are multiple PC cleaners available on the internet. “Piriform Ccleaner” windows PC cleaner is one of the best free PC cleaners which can be used for quick clean up.

2. Which cleaner is best for PC?

“Glary Utilities” is one of the best PC cleaners which is meant for free. Users can download it for free and install it in their windows PC for quick cleanup. 

3. What is the best way to clean my computer?

The best way to clean up the windows computer is to install the free open-source software. The wise cleaner is one of the best free windows PC cleaners that can be used for quick cleanup of the computer.

4. What is the best cleaner for Windows 10?

IObit PC cleaner is one of the best PC cleaners which is available at free of cost, you can download and install it in your Windows 10 PC for quick clean up.

5. What is the best free hard drive cleaner? 

Razer Cortex is one of the best windows PC cleaners that is meant for free, you can prefer it for hard drive cleanup in your PC.


We hope you got the useful information related to your search for the best PC Cleaner Software for Windows in 2020. In case if you have any query for the related topic kindly note it down in the below-given comment section, we will be happy to assist you with the relevant answers to the asked questions.

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