High CPU Usage: Fix System and Compressed Memory problem in 2021!


System and compressed memory are responsible for the compression of files, folders and the management of RAM in Operating System. 100% Disk usage reduces the functional speed and the durability of the Windows System.

Alteration made in Virtual memory is one of the main causes of System and compressed memory (High CPU Usage). Investing a few minutes reading the article, will help you to explore the fixing methods for System compressed memory.

Methods to Fix System and Compressed Memory!

End System and compressed memory

  • Press Ctrl +Alt + Delete keys simultaneously and choose task manager option in your Windows Operating System.
  • Kindly, right-click on “System and compressed memory” and click on End task option. Once done, restart your Operating System.

Disable the System and Compressed Memory

  • Type Task Scheduler in Windows search bar and open it.

  • Double click on Task Scheduler Library option

  • Now, double click on Microsoft folder and double-click on the Windows folder to continue with the process.

  • Next step is to click on “MemoryDiagnostic” folder.

  • Right-click on RunFullMemoryDiagnosticEntry option and disable it.

Once done, close Task scheduler and restart your Windows Operating System.

Disable the Superfetch service using Command Prompt

  • Type Command Prompt in the Windows search bar and click on “Run as administrator” option.

  • Input the command net.exe stop superfetch in Command prompt and hit enter.
  • Wait till the process gets completed. Once done, close the command prompt and restart your Windows Operating System.

Reset Virtual Memory and Increase the Ram

  • Type System in the Windows search bar and open it.

  • Click on “Advanced System Settings” to continue.

  • Next step is to click on the Settings tab.

  • Now click on the advanced option and click on the Change tab.

  • Next step is to uncheck “Automatically Manage Paging file size for all drives” and choose the option Custom Size.
  • Input the recommended MB size in Initial Size blank box and enter the150000 as maximum size MB. Click on Set and OK tabs.

  • Once done, close the currents tab and type %temp% in Windows Search bar and hit enter.

  • Select all the temp files (Press Ctrl + A) and click on delete key to remove the unwanted temporary files from Windows System.

FAQ for System and compressed memory

  • What is using all my RAM?

Press CTRL+ ALT+ Delete keys simultaneously to open task manager, you can check which program or application is utilizing more RAM in Task Manager.

  • How to fix System and compressed memory high CPU Usage?

Perform the below-stated methods in your Windows Operating System to fix System compressed memory.

  1. End System compressed memory
  2. Disable the System Compressed Memory
  3. Reset Virtual Memory and Increase the Ram
  4. Disable the Superfetch / Sysmain service from the Services manager
  5. Disable the Superfetch service using the Registry Editor
  • Why is system and compressed memory so high?

You might have made changes in virtual memory settings, kindly turn it to default settings to fix High CPU Usage in System and compressed memory. You can check the CPU usage in Task Manager.


In this article, we have introduced the fixing methods for System and compressed memory in 2021. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it down in the given comment section.

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