What is CTF Loader and How to Disable ctfmon.exe


Most people find CTF loader from their task manager and start to panic, is it a virus or trojan? That would be their first thought. If you ever find that on your task manager and wondered what is CTF loader, then this article will help you. Because this process has .exe in the end, people just assume that its a virus and not a service. Most of the time when we find exe process, it must be a malware or trojan that working in the background and using the memory.  We will talk about CTF loader or in task manager ctfmon.exe in windows 10, how it works,s and is it harmful to your computer?

What is CTF Loader?

CTF loader is a genuine process by Microsoft which allows users to operate with text support. CTF is known as Collaborative Translation Framework and that helps with all the input tools on Microsoft pc.  This service helps with speech recognition, input tool like handwriting, and on-screen keyboard as well.  CTF loader also helps with Microsoft Office Language Bar and Alternative User Input Text Input Processor. When users have any of the input tools connected with their computer or they are using Microsoft office, they will find ctfmon.exe in the process as it’s associated with the Language bar.

How to fix CTF loader?

There is no need to fix it as it doesn’t harm your PC. but if you are not using any of the services which need ctfmon.exe and still it shows a significant amount of usage, then it means, something is wrong. Here is how to fix ctfmon.exe process.

Disable Touch and handwriting tool

One of the main use of CTF loader is to work with touch and handwriting tools like pens. If that is bothering you then, here is how to disable it.

  • Open the start menu and go to Run windows and type “services.msc”

  • Now find “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service”

  • Now click twice on startup menu on the touch keyboard and handwriting and a window will open
  • Now click on startup type and disable it


Once you disable it, it won’t show any process of ctfmon.exe in the task manager. But if you are still having issues with CTF loader, then this other method you can try.

Disable CTF loader from Task Scheduler


There is another method that could disable ctfmon.exe process as well, here is how to do it.

  • Open Run Window and type “taskschd.msc”

  • Now click on the task scheduler library and then microsft>office>widows

  • Now find TextServicesFramework
  • Now click on that and you will find MsCtfMonitor

  • Now right-click on it and disable it

Delete it from system32

If you want to delete the whole process than you need to delete the executable file directly from the system files.

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32
  • Find “ctfmon.exe”
  • Now delete it

CTF Loader FAQ

1 Is CTF Loader a virus?

No, its a genuine Microsoft services that allow users to operate with input tools such as speech recognition and handwriting tools.

2 Is CTF loader necessary?

Not always, if you are not using any input tool like an on-screen keyboard or speech recognition than it’s not necessary at all. Users can disable CTF loader without harming computers as well.

3 Can I delete Ctfmon EXE?

Yes, you can delete ctfmon.exe from the system32 folder or delete the process as well. It won’t affect the computer at all. 

4 How do I stop Ctfmon EXE from starting?

Users need to go to Run windows and type “services.msc” and go to  “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service”. After that click on startup and disable that services to stop ctfmon.exe to run on startup.


We hope this article will help you find all the answers regarding what is CTF loader and how to fix ctfmon.exe. We have mentioned three ways to stop CTF loader in this article and it won’t affect the computer system as well. If you need any help regarding this subject, ask us in the comment section. 

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