What is IDP.Generic Virus and How to stop it?


IDP.Genric, have you seen this name in any of your antiviruses pop up? Did your antivirus warn you about this? If yes, then make sure you take proper steps to deal with it. If you have avast or AVG antivirus, then you must have encountered this message and think about what is IDP.Generic? Is it a virus, a trojan, or just a false positive? In this article, we will talk about what is idp.generic meaning and how to deal with it.

What is IDP.Generic?

IDP.Generic is known as Identity Detection Protection. It’s a trojan type of malware which infiltrates users computer and steals file related to users identity. It’s a stealthy trojan which means users won’t find out about it until a full virus scan detects it. It attacks all the folders which contain important user’s information such as banking and others. But it doesn’t mean that every time users get a notification for IDP.Generic is authentic, it might be just a suspicious and could be a false positive. That means, whenever you get idp generic threat, don’t just delete the file, but rather observe it first and then remove it. 

How IDP.Generic infection infiltrate computer?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by users after they get attacked by this virus. It’s important to know how a trojan gets inside our computer to prevent it from the next attack. IDP.Generic malware is a trojan which is known for their stealthiness. They get inside our computer through emails and when we click on any suspicious attachment, it will automatically download to our PC. sometimes, we might click on wrong ad banners or visit unsafe sites and click on any of the links. One of the easiest ways to get into any of the computers is by torrent files. When we download a torrent, there are many small files that come with it, and once it downloads on our PC, it will start working like a trojan.  

How to find if your PC is infected with IDP.Generic?

Full antivirus scan, and when we say full, we mean hour-long scan and not just quick one. Schedule your antivirus for a full scan every day and that way, if any trojan might get inside your PC, you will be notified. Trojans works silently in the background, users won’t find any problem on the surface like Yourphone.exe issue, but once it starts sending your data and corrupting the file, it will be too late. Make sure to keep your antivirus updated, because not all IDP.Generic malware is named the same way and it might slip away from it. Most of the time, when avast or AVG detects IDP.Generic, it might be a false positive, but make sure to keep it virus chest or quarantine before making any decision.

What IDP.Generic Virus do, how they work?

We know what is idp.generic is and we know that its a trojan type malware which is one kind of virus. This virus doesn’t infect your computer right away, but like an elite commando, it will stay hidden and silently infiltrate your PC. IDP.Generic means Identity Detection Protection and generic is a type of algorithms that is written in terms of to-be-specified-later types. Once it finds a folder and information regarding user’s identity, it will start collecting data and sending it via the internet. After that, it will start corrupting the user’s files and then it will get detected.  

How to Remove IDP.Generic threat?

We now know that this is a serious threat only for our computer but our data as well. It’s paramount to remove it as soon as possible and here is how to remove IDP.Generic infection before its too late.


Antivirus is the first line of defense against any virus and trojan. Make sure to keep your antivirus updated. Make sure to use the premium version of antivirus and not the free version, because some of the features are not available in freeware. Scan your PC with this antivirus every day and if you find any infection or suspicious generic malware, then remove it immediately before it makes any more damages.  

Remove IDP.Generic without Antivirus 

Even if you don’t have an antivirus, you can still remove it from your computer, there are many ways to detect and remove suspicious generic malware like IDP.Generic. 

  • If you want to find the cause of any problem, go to the apps in the control panel and find it in the add or remove program. If a trojan gets inside your PC faking as software, then you will find it among other programs. Just right click on it and uninstall it.
  • The task manager is the best place to start searching for the culprit. They can hide behind other software, but they can not hide the process. Even trojan need to use RAM for snooping around. Find the source and end process.
  • You can also find the process in the task manager in the startup tab. If a trojan gets inside your computer, then it needs to start automatically when PC restarts. Mostly they become a start-up process, and you can find them in task manager as well. 

Most of the time when antivirus removes any virus, it won’t bother again. But Trojan keeps coming back even when you remove it. Users can try these methods and remove them manually.

IDP.Generic false positive

Most of the time when antivirus detects a virus or trojan, they are right but not always. Users are complaining that some of the antiviruses detect normal files as idp.generic infection and removes it. Most of the time it would be a game folder and once a file gets Quarantine or removed, users cannot open that program. This is one of the major issues every user’s faces, keep the file or delete it. Most antivirus flags them as trojan and malware because they suspect its behavior, even if it’s totally normal such as gaming files or sometimes windows system files. 

What to do with IDP.Generic false positive?

You can quarantine the file for some time. Quarantine is a folder created by every antivirus and they call it with different names such as virus chest or virus vault. When you get a notification of IDP.Generic infection, don’t just remove it right away. Send it to quarantine and then find more about it. Seach it on google or forums and community, if someone faced the same issue, they might help you. Deleting it right away might corrupt some programs on the computer. Once you find out that it’s not harmful but just a false positive report on IDP.Generic, restore that file.

How to steer clear of IDP.Generic virus?

There are no rules and regulations that could keep them away from your computer. It’s always the human error that infects the computer. But we can try to evade that trojan malware from infecting our computer in the future. 

  • Never click on attachments received by an unknown person. Every time you get an attachment, it could be a potential trojan. Gmail has inbuilt antivirus and anti-malware checker for their email attachment, but it could be hiding as a normal attachment type like a doc file or exe. Always double-check the attachment before clicking it or opening it. 
  • Always download software from safe places. While Microsoft store is the safest place but they don’t have much of free software. When users try to save a few bucks and download software from a harmful website, they end up having trojan or virus. 
  • Always update your antivirus database and regularly scan the PC. its important for the safety of your computer and your data that users get a premium antivirus with an updated virus database. Keep the automatic update on for antivirus and start the scheduled scan for your PC every day.
  • Always visit safe websites and never go for any potentially harmful website. You can check for the sign like HTTPS, where “S” is important, check for privacy policy and some antivirus like avast always warn users of harmful websites as well.

IDP.Generic Threat FAQ

1. What is IDP.Generic?

IDP.Generic is a trojan malware that infects PC and steals user’s data. It camouflages itself with other software and works silently in the background without getting noticed.

2. What is IDP.Generic meaning?

IDP stands for Identity Detection Protection and generic is a type of algorithms that are written in terms of to-be-specified-later types. IDP.Generic is a type of trojan malware that steals files data for the user’s identity. 

3. What is IDP.Generic false positive?

False-positive in antivirus means a potentially harmful suspicious generic malware. It means that antivirus could not confirm its identity but it behaves like a potential virus, so it flags as a virus. Most of the time it could be a program file that wrongly detected as a virus and that can be restored. 

4. How to know if my computer is infected with IDP.Generic?

There are many signs that could indicate that your PC is infected such as,

  • Slow process
  • Crashing or programs
  • Encrypted files
  • Many windows notification warning
  • An increasing amount of ads, pop-ups, and banners while visiting any websites
  • Blue screen of death or BSOD will appear on the screen
  • Irregular registry entries 


We hope this article will help you find answers about what is IDP.Generic virus and how to stop it. In this article, we have mentioned everything in detail about IDP.Generic infection and how to stop it. If you have any questions regarding IDP.Generic false positive, ask us in the comment section. 

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